REMY International
Field Equipment for the manufacturing of Storage Tanks

Effective and powerful concept for the manufacturing of large storage tanks, with up to 50% time saving compared to conventional techniques.

Advanced Technology for the Manufacturing of Large Storage Tanks

New effective and powerful concept for the manufacture of large tanks, quickly and in full safety. Instead of using pre-bent steel plates, we start from coils for a faster erection of the tanks. Our technique calls upon lifting jacks, all synchronized between them and installed on the external circumference of the tank. The whole process is computer-controlled.

The driver is installed on the ground under the steel sheet strip. A hydraulic power pack, located in the driver's frame, actions a cylinder that presses the driving wheels onto the steel sheet strips. Inside the shell, two removable wheels of the same size compensate the force created by the cylinder. The wheels are placed on a frame that allows them to follow the shape of the shell. An electrical motor with frequency converter drives the external wheels.

Designed to be placed on both sides of the steel sheet strips. The internal part is articulated in order to allow the fit-up device to be pulled under the tank shell. The external part is fixed. Two specially designed wheels, inside and outside the tank, will force the steel sheet strips to be correctly superposed for the welding. In case of overload, the hydraulic cylinder will limit the force to avoid damaging the shell. The upper internal rollers are adjustable in order to allow the fit-up of two sheet strips of different thicknesses.