REMY International
Seamweld Flattening, Grinding & Polishing Equipment

REMY has also engineered dedicated solutions for the finishing of long and circular seam welds

Machines for seam weld planishing, grinding and polishing

Our long experience in the boilers and industrial hollowware industries (more than 40 years) have led us to design and develop a special range of longitudinal and/or circular machines capable, simultaneously, to planish and grind seam welds, either on flat sheets or on tanks for trucks and wagons for instance. For special industries (food, pharmaceutical…), our machines even polish the seam weld to the required standard.

All these operations are:

  • Quick : on average 2500 mm are treated per minute!
  • Silent
  • Clean and dust-free

REMY INTERNATIONAL's planishers therefore represent an efficient and cost-effective alternative to the old conventional hammering and/or grinding operations. On top of a considerable noise reduction and the suppression of abrasive dusts, they allow an irreproachable and undisputed surface finish, unconceivable by hand. The idea was adopted by small and large companies, worldwide, and is renowned as giving the best Quality.

Models of planishers

  • Longitudinal
  • Circular
  • Longitudinal and Circular


  • Capacities: lengths starting from 1.000 mm and going up to 7.600 mm.
  • Diameters: consult us.
  • Thickness: Starting from 1 mm up to 10 or 12 mm.