REMY International
Steel Drums Manufacturing Equipment

Since the 50's, the core business of REMY has been to develop solutions and to manufacture specific machines and equipment for the steel drum industry.

Since the 50's, Remy International has been designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing numerous machines and equipments, either isolated or part of complete lines.

Turnkey projects have become a specialty at REMY INTERNATIONAL.

In the case of complete manufacturing plants, we cover all design, engineering and contracting aspects and our facilities offer enough room for the commissioning of entire parts of lines with our customer.

REMY INTERNATIONAL's equipment range consists briefly in:

Ends Manufacturing equipment

  • Ends manufacturing equipment and lines including dies, combi lines for the stagger blanking and/or drawing of ends combined with cut to length of body sheets
  • Mechanical and hydraulic presses
  • First and second operations (automatic flanges insertion), pre-curling/sealing, marking
  • Automatic stacking/destacking, feeding

Body Forming & Assembling Equipment

  • For cylindrical and tapered (conical) drums and pails, tight head or open top
  • Sheet destackers feeders and take away conveyors for welders, body flanging, curling, beading, corrugating, necking-in, seaming, tapering, conveying systems, turnover devices…

Body Finishing equipment

  • Rotating devices for drums and ends, painting booths
  • Silk screening machines
  • Conveying systems, end of line automation